Dear SheEO

The importance of authenticity and transparency in social media marketing

May 10, 2023 Remi Gutteridge Season 1 Episode 2
Dear SheEO
The importance of authenticity and transparency in social media marketing
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Alright, my social media savvy peeps, it's time to get real about authenticity and transparency in marketing. In a world where everyone and their grandma has a brand, it's crucial to stand out by being YOU! That's right - your unique, unfiltered, and totally fabulous self. Join us as we dive into the importance of ditching fake personas and embracing the power of authenticity and transparency in social media marketing. In this episode, I spill the tea on how businesses can build trust with their audience, the benefits of being real, and the juicy pitfalls to avoid. Get ready for some serious truth bombs and laughs along the way. 

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 Hey everyone. Welcome back to episode two of Dear She-EO. Today we are deep diving into a topic that I love to talk about, and right now I feel like it is extremely important in order for you to stand out amongst the noise on social media and be seen not only as an authority, but as a normal person too, and someone that generally is attracting the right people into their audience and that audience that they are attracting actually is excited to one, connect with you and two work with you.

So how do you build a personal brand? How do you have fun? , how do you make people trust in your brand? And how do you become a go-to expert in your field? We're starting here because I see so, so many people struggle with this, but it can literally be what makes you or what breaks your business and trust me, no trust in your business means no business, no new sales, no customers, and it is gonna be extremely hard for you to scale.

In this episode, we're gonna share simple strategies on how to find your voice online, how you can build a personal brand, how you can learn the importance of being completely authentic and transparent on social media and understand why doing this early on or from now if you're listening from now and you've been running your business for a few years, is going to cut through so much noise and have you seen as an authority in your industry. This is gonna be life-changing for your business because a year and a half ago if I'm being completely honest, I lost my voice online.

I was so consumed with social media. My feed, my clients' feeds when I was managing their social media workshops, pieces of training, courses, lives, stories, you name it. I actually found that I forgot who I was and what made me different from everyone else online.

It was really, really scary if I'm being honest with you because you find it very hard to show up online when you're not speaking from the heart. Your messaging isn't connecting with the right people because it's really fluffy and it's just calling in everyone and you're not hitting the problems and where they're at and what they're going through and why you can step in to help that and how to really know your audience.

You can very easily start to forget your why and why you do what you do, and become incredibly overwhelmed, frustrated, and just annoyed that you know, this has happened to you, but you dunno what to do. 

But I wasn't gonna let this carry on and so I invested in a handful of incredible mentors because I'm all about believing if you've got a problem, get it fixed. If you don't get it fixed and you keep having those problems daily, they're not gonna go away and you are the person that's gonna be struggling.

No one else but you and your business. I also followed the exact framework that I'm gonna teach you today and that brought me back to the big why. The big who, the big what and I was able to be showup as me. Again, it wasn't an overnight thing, don't get me wrong, but it took time and from that moment forward, my business grew so much quicker. People were landing my dms and they were actually my dream clients. People were finding me on social media because they could relate to me. People really invested in me as a person. They got to know me so much better, and I felt so, so much happier in my business.

If you find your uniqueness, what makes you different and what you can do that others can't, you are off to a great start. Being unique is what is gonna set you apart from your competitors, and it's gonna make you stand out in a crowded market. It can be so hard to break through the noise.

But once you figure out what it is that makes you different, it will help you attract the right clients so, so much quicker and so much easier and this is what will help you build a strong brand identity. Let me just get something clear, because when I say brand, it isn't just the brand of what you see and how you look and your branding and in terms of your designs and your websites, your colours, your fonts, and so on.

It's about your personal brand. It's about who you are, how you show up online, what people think of you when they hear your name. That's what I mean when I say personal brand. 

So here are some questions that I want you to really think about. Take time to stop this recording, write them down, write your answers down, because trust me, this is gonna help you create so much content from these answers, but it'll also help you when you're talking to your ideal clients on the phone, on your sales calls, when you're on podcasts.

It's gonna help you find you and your voice and what makes you stand out. 

 So can your audience trust you? Do you provide testimonials for your clients that you've worked with before? Do you talk about them regularly on your social media?

Do you take people on the journey that you took these clients from A to B? Do people know that? Do you create carousels where it talks about this person was struggling here, they came to work with me, we went through the framework A, B, and C and through multiple adjustments and through the help that I provided them, they are now at this level.

So do you get behind the camera and can people get to know you for you, not the you that's hiding behind a carousel or a reel or a text-based single graphic? Do you let them into your life and what you've gone through to get to where you've got to? Do people know that?

Secondly, what are you known for?

If someone thinks about the name of your business or you as a person, what do they think of straight away? And that is a question I'm gonna leave you with for a second. 

What do people think about straight away when they hear your business name or your name? Is it a social media manager for fashion brands? Is it a health coach for women with eating disorders? , is it a mindset coach for mums who have completely lost who they are after having kids?  It's important for you to become known for something super, super specific within your community because not only will you be receiving a lot of recommendations through word of mouth because people know exactly who you are, what you do, and how you can help someone.

But you'll be able to make your messaging so clear and it will speak directly to your target market and you will find, showing up on social media so much easier.  You can cut straight through the noise and start talking about who you are. 

Thirdly, how do people talk about your business? So what are others saying about you when they're having conversations with other business owners?

That's a really good question. Do you ever stop to think about how two other people in your industry might stop to talk about your brand and your business? What do they say? How do you hold yourself when you talk on a masterclass, on stories? What are your colours? This is where branding as a whole can come into it a little bit more. What do people see on a feed? Is it a bright red color that they resonate that colour with you, because people do. People pick up on colours very, very quickly and they start putting that colour to your brand.

That's why colours are very important, but we'll go into designs another day. What do people know about you from the way you are showing up online? Could people get to know you straight away and start to paint a picture of who you are as a business owner by watching one of your hour masterclasses? 

Next, what values does your brand represent?

Do you come across as a friendly face online that people feel super open to asking questions to do? Do you come across more of an authority figure that sticks to a very tight boundary and you can't get much access to that person without paying a very high ticket price? Do you swear a lot? Do you laugh a lot? Do you have good communication skills? 

Finding your values as a brand early on in your business is gonna build a very loyal following, and it'll hugely stand you out from the competition.

Next, what differentiates you from your competitors? That is a big one, and that ties in all of the above. However, this is the one that most people forget about when building and scaling their personal brand. Some questions here are, what have you achieved that you are so proud of? Why did you start this business in the first place?

What personality traits do you have as a person that is so different from everyone else online? How do your friends talk about you? How would your friends explain you as a person? what are the wins that you've gone through as a business owner? What are the hard times that you've gone through, that you've gone through and come out the other end?

 This is all part of the story that makes you you and helps you stand out because that is what people will connect with and if you are not showing a personal story behind you as a personal brand, people will not like you. People will not trust you, and people will find it very hard to invest in you.

Let's start this because if people don't know you, I'm gonna say this again. They will find it incredibly hard to buy from you.

 If you want people to know you, if you want people to talk about you daily, if you want people to watch your stories when they go up because they're so excited to watch you. If you want people to look forward to seeing your content and engage with it, save it and share it, come into your dms. You need to be known.

You can't expect to sell your offers, your services, or your products if no one knows about you and this is why creating a unique brand and building a connection with your audience is so, so important once you've built that connection, your audience will help do the talking about your brand for you.

Imagine that people will share your offers with you without you having to show up all the time. And I know you might be looking at others in your industry who do the whole personal branding thing really well, and this is stopping you from being you and you forgot about your why, just like I did. But please stop right there as it's completely gonna overwhelm you.

You're gonna lose your voice and you're gonna create no noise. Unfollow these people. Stay in your lane and focus on what matters. Stop trying to be like everyone else. If you want to stand out in a crowded industry, you need to make a name for yourself. Stop copying what others do. Stop copying how others show up.

Second of all, as we've mentioned above, figure out the one thing that you wanna be known for. What is the one audience that you want to serve? Who are the people you actually don't want to work with? Once you know this, it's gonna help you find your voice.

Once you figure that one thing out, it's now time for the next step, the problem you're going to solve. You want to become crystal clear on the problem you're solving in one word or a line. The clearer your message is about what you do and who you help, the better and easier it will be for people to find you and for your business to become a success.

It's not always about offering multiple different things to grow your business. You can reach more people nowadays by doing less, and you can make more money by offering fewer services. If you do things really well, you can create a seven-figure passive income business easily.

If people know you, like you, trust you, invest in you, and carry on working with you. Trust me on that one. Again, let's go back to basics. Look back at who you were, your purpose, your why. For your business to grow, and become a successful one, you have to be completely transparent and authentic moving forward now online because people love when they can relate to you and connect with you behind the scenes and behind the brand.

If you can draw in your uniqueness, your authenticity, and your personality in a way that you're selling your services and offers off the back of this. That's how you're gonna become an authority in your industry and create a very memorable brand.

So think about who can I serve. Who can I help? Once that is clear, your marketing strategy, your offers, your sales pages, your messaging, your content and your brand become a lot clearer and sometimes it's about going back to basics, noting down these points, to figure out an answer to them before you can then move forward.

Because of the problem with social media nowadays, it's very easy to become lost.   Because if you become lost and you start to build from that lost point, you're gonna find it very hard to keep on growing.

And one day it will become very, very difficult. So let's get into some deeper questions that you can ask yourself to find out your who and your why because this is what I talk about a lot to people when I take them on as a social media client, or a marketing client. When we talk about why they're creating their course, and what to put on their sales pages, these questions become problems for people to answer.

So let's talk through them here. So we've spoken about what problems you wanna solve. People pay to have their problems solved and if you're not making it clear again on what you solve, you are gonna struggle with the selling. Forget the followers. You need to be crystal clear on the problem you are solving.

And if you can't answer this, your clients won't be able to either, and if they can't figure out what your service or offer is gonna help them with and how it's gonna solve their problem. You're not gonna sell it and they'll go to find the answer to their problem somewhere else.

Your messaging has to become clear as anything. So for example, I help and then your dream client gets deeper than just business owners on this one. So when I say dream client, I don't want you to just say, I help business owners. Go deeper on that. , who'd you help? What do they do? What do they look like? So I helped Dream client go from, and then this is where you're gonna insert the place that you see everyone stuck to the place that they dream to be and the more detailed you can do this in, the better it's gonna sound. 

Next, is what are you actually passionate about? What lights you up? What makes you get out of bed every morning? 

Mine was courses in helping others create serious passive income by becoming a go-to online in their industry and if you can't figure that one out, what annoys you so much and what do you hate? What opinions do you have about others that you love doing? That's what's gonna make you unique. 

Number three, what are you good at and what do you want to learn more about? Because if you're passionate about learning, you are gonna be passionate about growing, and it's gonna be exciting to grow your business and so many people have no clue about what they actually like doing. They just feel like they're gonna do it because they think it's gonna run the money. But become the expert for something that you love. Show them how you became what you've always wanted to become.

Show them the transformation you went through to get from A to B. Remember, there's a reason you are in this field that you are doing, and you have to remember that and show that off online. 

 The next one is, what challenges have you faced that make you a living, breathing and result of what you've done?

Teach them what you did. How did you go from A to B? This is where you're gonna start building those connections and those really trustworthy connections. Tell your story and show them what is possible, and when you have client testimonials, use them to gain trust around your services and offers. Show your audience how your clients' lives absolutely transformed after buying your service.

Because people will imagine themselves in that person's position, and the more you can talk about where that client was at the stage when they started working with you, they will relate to that and then once they see the transformation you've taken this client on, they will then desire to have that, and that is what's gonna make your content absolutely blow up.

The last one is, what would people actually want to buy from you and why? What businesses do you wanna be in? If you don't have the love for it, you're gonna really struggle to create the lifestyle you want to live. and it's a really good idea right now for you to stop and think about the sort of lifestyle that you want in the next year, three years, 12 years.

What do you wanna be doing? Because running a business is really hard work. So you wanna choose an industry that you generally love and that you find inter interesting. You have to do this for the rest of your life. Well, you don't have to, but if you can and you can love it, it's a win-win situation. So choose something that you actually want to learn more about and that you can spend hours doing, and it doesn't have to feel like work.

Remember, you can balance your personal brand with professionalism. It's just about doing it right. No one is sharing every minute of their day from the minute they get up to the minute they're running the bath from the minute they're having a coffee. I'm not asking you to do that.  But you have to let people into you, the you behind the screen, the you, that is what you are doing. The you that is making you something special. The you that they're gonna connect with, resonate with, and absolutely love to be working with and also make it relevant to what you're selling.

Always think about that in the back of your head when you are coming on your stories or you're creating carousels or you are letting people into your life.

Think about why you are doing that and what is the end goal that you want to be doing because of that. If it is because you just wanna build a bit of a personal brand and a community online, that's absolutely fine. But this could include things like sharing behind-the-scenes content, being honest about your brand values and practices, and responding to feedback and criticism openly and honestly.

You have to figure out what makes your brand unique and what makes you stand out online from others. If you're feeling stressed and scared about showing up, it's because you're thinking too much about yourself and that is something that I want you to sit on and think about. And I'm gonna say that again.

If you're feeling stressed and scared about showing up, it's because you're thinking too much about yourself when you are passionate and excited about what you do, you're gonna realise that there are so many people out there who need your help.

Who wants to learn from you now, who wanna binge-watch you and are ready for you to change their lives? If you have that perspective in your head, next time you don't wanna show up, think about all these people out there that are waiting to hear from you. 

I believe in you. So now it's time to go build that personal brand and do not be afraid to show up as you.

It's going to fast-track your business so, so much more. 

See you in the next episode.