Dear SheEO

Converting followers into customers on Social Media

May 17, 2023 Remi Gutteridge Season 1 Episode 3
Dear SheEO
Converting followers into customers on Social Media
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In this episode of Dear SheEO, we unveil the secrets to turning your social media followers into loyal customers. Join us as we explore effective strategies and techniques to unlock the true potential of your online presence. From cultivating genuine connections to delivering value-driven content, we'll show you how to build a dedicated community that not only engages with your brand but converts into paying customers too.

 Get ready to harness the power of social media and take your business to new heights. Tune in and learn how to transform your followers into lifelong customers on this exciting episode!

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 Welcome back to the next episode of Dear SheEO. In today's episode, we are going to be diving into the strategies and tactics that will help you monetise your dedicated fan base on social media. Get ready to discover how to turn your loyal followers into paying clients and create a profitable online business.

Yes, we're gonna be leveraging your followers on social media to generate your revenue.

So in order to monetise your social media presence effectively, it's essential to build a tribe of loyal followers. This foundation serves as the cornerstone of your monetisation strategy. 

So let's dive into some of the key principles that will help you establish and nurture a tribe of dedicated followers who are not only engaged, but generally love hearing about you and your brand, and they're so passionate about it.

Authenticity will be a key focus here. So let's explore how being true to yourself and your values attracts like-minded individuals who truly resonate with your message and you. By embracing your unique voice and sharing the authentic stories we spoke about in the previous episode, you are going to be able to forge a very genuine connection with your audience, establishing a sense of trust and loyalty.

providing value is very important in your social media strategy. The importance of delivering high-quality content that truly educates, inspires and takes your social media followers on a journey will do you wonders. By constantly providing these valuable insights, tips, and resources, helping them drive their way through the tough times, the good times, and being that support for them to turn up and show up on social media every day and buy into you as a person is gonna make you that expert in your field and become a very trusted resource for your audience very quickly.

Ultimately, the goal here is to cultivate a tribe of dedicated followers who are genuinely passionate about your brand. These loyal followers are gonna serve as the absolute foundation for your monetisation efforts by building a community that resonates with your message, shares your values, understands you, understands your story and believes in what you have to offer.

You are gonna be able to have such a solid base to leverage going forward.

The second segment here is creating irresistible offerings. , and this is something that I've worked on tirelessly over the past year and a half in order to really build up a clear offer suite with my customers and take them on the journey, depending on where they're at in their business and how I can help them at the level they're going through in order to take them to the next place where they want to be.

So to monetise your loyal followers here, you need to offer products or services that they can't resist, such as digital products, online courses, coaching packages, group programs, and memberships. You need to discover how to identify the specific needs and the pain points of your audience, and then craft offerings that provide solutions and deliver value.

By creating these irresistible offerings, you are going to make it easy for your loyal followers to invest in your expertise. If you have one main offer that's all you talk about, that's all you show up for. It's priced quite highly. I believe you are gonna struggle if you are newer in business to get people in straight away.

And I've been having this conversation a lot recently with my clients and other people within marketing. Is that because of the pandemic and because there are a lot of online courses people were being sold to a lot over the last two years. In 2023, I have noticed a shift in terms of how people buy they're being sold to so regularly right now that you need to get them at an entry-level point, upsell them onto a mid-ticket offer, and then put them onto a high ticket offer and don't get me wrong, this does not count for everyone at all, but for the people that I talk to on a daily basis, if you are probably more of an entry to entry mid of your business, I highly recommend having something under the 500-pound mark that people can buy into, get to know you, get to know how you teach, get to know your foundations, get to know your work ethic and how they can resonate with you, and then take them to the next level once they're in.

It is literally 70% more likely that someone will buy from you again over finding new customers.

So use the people that you already have that have already bought from you before and sell to them more regularly.

Something that I've been working on a lot recently is not just having an offer suite, which I'm building out, but also how to upsell to people and down-sell to people based on what their feedback is at that current time and that's something that I worked so hard on with my one-to-one clients, is creating them their very own offer suite over the six months, over a year that they know when to launch when to show up, when to promote that offer on their stories, when to upsell someone to something, when to down-sell someone to something and really keep in mind where that customer is, who they are, what they desire, what the solution is to get them to that point and take them on that journey and that has been life-changing for so many people.

The next one is really talking about how much you're engaging and nurturing your audience. So in the beginning, you need to be having two-way conversations quite regularly. So responding to comments and messages and staying on top of mind with your audience.

Explore the power of storytelling. Through live videos, through very interactive content to really deepen that connection with your followers, by actively engaging and nurturing them, you are gonna be able to build trust and establish yourself as their go-to coach or service provider very quickly. And something else to note here is as much as sometimes I don't agree with the Instagram algorithm if you are conversating with people quite a lot, and if you are DMing them, if they're replying to your stories, if you are talking to them.

You do get pushed to the beginning of people's feeds a lot quicker, so you'll be showing up on their stories at the top, near the front. Your post will be shown to them a lot sooner as they come onto the app and that is what we want. We want them to be seeing you and the more that they see you every day, the more that they're gonna remember.

You get to know yourself, save your content, and then they'll start looking for you every day. They'll wanna wake up and they wanna go on their Instagram just to see what you're doing that day. That is the goal for anyone. 

Moving on to leveraging social proof and testimonials, something that I don't see a lot of people doing, but it actually works wonders for other people to see it, buy into it, trust you as the authority, and want to know about your services a whole lot quicker.

Social Proof is such a powerful tool for attracting new clients. So really use testimonials, case studies and success stories from your loyal followers or your past clients to really build that credibility. Learn how to collect and showcase these social proofs effectively across your social media platforms by really highlighting the results and transformations that your clients have experienced by working with you.

You'll create a  compelling reason for new clients to choose you. One thing I see a lot of is people just sharing in a carousel or a static graphic with just a simple review of the client and what I think about that is not enough for someone to see, someone to read, someone to resonate with, and someone to really start wanting to know you, buy from you and so on. 

What I recommend you do instead is paint a picture of where that client was when they started, when they reached out to you and what did that journey look like? What did you take them through? What were the milestones that they hit along the way throughout the month or two months, three months, six months?

What did they improve? What did you work through them with? What were the struggles that came up that you overcame with them?  and really understanding and having your followers in particular understand that entire circle that you took them on to get them from A to B. 

That's how you want to be showing a testimonial rather than just a seven-line review of them telling you that you're a great social media manager or a great life coach and you've helped them achieve more sleep or something very basic level. People need more than that these days. So use carousels, use video, use your reels, even, go live with your clients and have them share that journey on a really deeper level.

Moving on, we're gonna be talking about how to implement strategic calls to action. These are essential for guiding your loyal followers toward taking the next step in their customer journey. So let's explore different types of calls to action from subtle prompts to direct invitations to purchase. 

You've gotta discover where to put these calls to action within your social media content and how to optimise them for conversions by mastering this art of strategic call to action, you're gonna be able to increase the likelihood of turning your loyal followers into paying clients

So there are different ways to do this, and the three that I recommend the most are 100% no-brainers. Always leave your captions with a call to action at the end and I like inviting people into my DMs because it allows me to start a conversation with them. It allows me to start talking to them. It allows me to see where they're at and where they wanna be and then it allows me to figure out what offer I have. , which is best suited to where they are. So I simply put, 'DM me the word' and then put the word of what you are selling, whether it's an online course, whether it's a one-to-one, whether it's something like that. Even if you want to use a funky word, put that word in just a one word, DM me the word 'course' to find out more information.

Then it will drive them because you are telling them, remember we have to tell them what to do because people are lazy. People are very busy and if you're not directly telling them what you want them to do next, after reading your caption, they're gonna just keep scrolling. So DM me the word ' course' in order to find out more information about this service.

Then they'll come into your dms and then you're gonna start a conversation that way. The second one is using your Instagram stories, placing call to action on your Instagram stories and I love using stickers for this because not only does it improve my engagement and my reach on my stories, it allows people to be able to not do much, however, I know that they're interested. So you can utilise Instagram polls and ask them if they're interested and if they are, they can tap the first one. You can utilise Instagram stickers and then you have to just get them to tap the emoji and then if they do, you can DM them or you can actually just use the words again, DM me, and then the word say 'course' or reply back to the story, and then you start a conversation with them that way.

So that's captions, no-brainer. Always put a call to action in your captions and on your Instagram stories. Really use call to action there.

Moving on to the last one, we're gonna be talking about word-of-mouth marketing to me and my business, this has been such a powerful force for my business to grow in the way it has done. So let's discuss some strategies for encouraging your loyal followers to become brand advocates and referral services to others.

So something that is really great to have in place here is referral programs. So if you need any help on that, then feel free to message us. Having referral programs where you have a set percentage that you give that person if you are recommended using codes. If it's a course, you can have separate sales pages where you are dedicating people to go to their page, use their discount code at checkout, and then the person is getting a percentage of that fee, however, they're bringing you so much more traffic in. , think about collaborations. So find people on Instagram or on TikTok that you feel are a really good fit for your audience and use that and go live. Talk about a really common theme you both have come up with in your fields and just share your expertise on that because their audience are gonna get notified. Your audience is gonna get notified that you're both live and it drives so many new people to your Instagram pages.

 Tap into other networks, in terms of being a guest on someone else's podcast, share your expertise and end by offering some sort of freebie or a way for them to get in contact with you. Same as Facebook groups are a great way of marketing yourself in different areas. TikTok, email marketing.  Share someone else's emails. They can use a day where they promote you and your services and then you can do it back to them. 

Think about all the different ways that you can reach newer people quicker using other people's audiences and it's such a powerful tool. Mixing that with the word of mouth marketing by what these people are gonna be saying about you because they might have worked with you before or maybe they just know you and that they know that their ideal client, they can't serve, but you can serve, is going to blow your business up.

And obviously no monetisation strategies, obviously complete without analysing and optimising your efforts. So really keep an eye on the key metrics and analytics to track the effectiveness of your monetisation initiatives. Learn how to really identify areas for improvement, refine your offerings, your offer suite. Your courses, your frameworks, and optimise your sales funnel. So how are people coming in? How are they finding you at that top of the funnel? How are they being guided down on their journey and how are they then finding a way to buy from you? Really get clear on this and find a way that works.

Even if it means refining it a lot, do it because it's gonna be worth it in the long term. By continually analysing and optimising this strategy, you are gonna be ensuring long-term profitability and growth within your business, which is gonna absolutely skyrocket you to success.

Congratulations coaches and online service providers. You now possess the knowledge and strategies to leverage your loyal followers on social media and if you put these strategies in place and if you work on them over the next three months, I can guarantee you that you can use your social media to actually make you money